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Would be nice to know the contents of this web survey. If conversations around town are any guide, will be asked which country and age multiple times. With the weak yen, Japan curiousity always peaks cuz they gotta sell stuff or cater to foreign people and will NEVER have a clue how. It is hopeless but lets homour them

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Hey i live in Tokyo Web survey

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Enjoying living in Tokyo



N/A Web surveys can be done from anywhere


Job posted 2016-12-24

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form 2016 Dec 28th Wed noon

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1000 people is alot of people. Again don't expect to reach that goal. Glad having payment options is now a trend! Amazon and starbucks seems to be most popular. Quo card and JCB less so. Bitcoin?! When hell is dust and merely a memory