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Web surveys are popular. The best part is a web survey isn't confined to a single location. This web survey is open to foreign people living in Kansai and Kanto and also many other Japan cities. This is unusual to explicitly state which Japan cities rather than all of Japan

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Job posted 2017-01-28

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form 2017 Jan 31st Tues noon

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The topic is quite vague. And there have been similar web surveys. So this seems to be a trending concern for Japanese government and clients. Have also seen a TV show where they ask foreign people why they've come to Japan and then follow them to watch them do their thing. Video game Tokyo backgrounds sightseeing, eating various food, singing karaoke, birthday party, having a heart attack and eating hospital food. This is a TV series, i only watched once. This is some voyeuristic tendancy, but it's also quite politically correct. And really we should encourage interest in visitors and immigrants to Japan