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Become a reseller
Without good marketing
good products don't sell


Presence: Sales and initial support

Pitch "Presence" to schools (or companies). Hold their hand through the initial (entering student names / photo urls) preload stage

Contract: Freelance

What is it?

Presence is a likable, ethical, scalable, & hands off approach towards taking attendance

Kids will police themselves
Touch & scrolling can be done even by 2 year olds

How it works?

Each student, touches (or clicks) their class photo then touch their own photo. The next student does not have to touch their class photo again.

Arrive / Leave icon indicates who's here.

Accidently touched another student's photo? Will need to fix other student's attendance status. Touch "Undo button" of that student. All fixed! Other student's attendance status has been cleared

Bottom line: cost

Who to pitch to?

Schools are the obvious 1st choice. Especially easy if already teaching. Then we are providing the incentive to get your school setup!

lingua franca ... local vernacular .. ah i give up
Use whatever terminology makes you understood

All companies must take attendance. Just look for companies with many employees, locations, or divisions. Most likely for companies, there will be no centralized & scabable means to take attendance