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Imagine Japan helping pay for tourists trip

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Japan is so far. It's too expense. Well Japan can help out a little there, by incentivizing you and whomever you invite to come visit and shop in the Tokyo area

Bit of background. Tourists come out to Japan and shop like mad. And blow serious wads of cash. what tourists are buying is quite elusive. Especially retail companies crave this information

Chinese tourists to Japan love shopping

PAYMENT DATE / CONDITIONS (Screening visit):

  1. Paid 2 you

    7,000 yen

  2. Paid 2 tourist

    10,000 yen

  3. Payment method


  4. Payment date

    Afterwards interview

  5. Homework

    Contact the person(s) coming to Japan before their trip & ask them a pre-questionnaire

  6. Coordination

    Help set an interview date and time with the person(s)

  7. Come along together

    Come to the specified location on the date of the accompanying interview, and introduce the person(s)

  8. Hand holding

    Assist as necessary during the interview

  9. Tourist language proficiency

    Must not be fluent in Japanese

  10. Data privacy

    interview will be recorded for storage (it will not leave the office)



Within Tokyo. Near or at the location the tourist is staying at


If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form by 2016 Jan 13th Wed noon

To register your interest in participating, fill out this short questionaire. Apply

Please write in "Introduce by" the name of the person who introduced you. if you don't know, write where you saw the advertisement.


Might be great for foreign people running a guest house. Ask your guests whether you can accompany them beforehand. Both you and them make money. Otherwise if you have business travellers, friends, or family coming for a visit. You'll both have a fun thing to do