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Japan to petition G'd for respectably sized rideable waves

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Japan summers would be perfect if...Where to begin. Japan wants tourism money, but hates foreign people. Tourists love the abuse and are coming in droves. Does Japan want to know how to make their experience more miserable? Being serious about improving the tourism experience, that train left the station a long time ago. So what's Japan's angle?

Bring your dog to the beach day

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    500 yen starbucks gift card

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    End of May

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    starbucks girft card, sent by email



From anywhere. Starbucks gift card only usable within Japan


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This is at least the 2nd time this web survey has occurred. Last time in 2014. For that web survey, 44% of applicants were accepted and participated. Total 25 applicants. Expect more applicants due to the expansion of acceptable citizenships. Especially the UK and Canada being a larger demographic than "Middle east and Africa"