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Can't emphasize this enough. Spots get filled quite quickly. Product testing and market research interview work are easy and popular. Here are the ways to find out about the latest market survey work for foreign people living in Tokyo:

  • job mailing list announcement
  • connected by social media
  • search engine
  • Japan job classifieds
  • direct phone call

Joining the job mailing list isn't the only way to find out, nor the quickest; it is the most reliable.

Background demographic info

Japanese client sometimes ask for this!

Parents with kids is an important target group. Parents spend money on their kids. So advertisers often ask for feedback on their products

Most surveys are for people living near Tokyo / Yokohama. But have been asked for throughout Japan or Kansai region


Work Certifications

  • English teaching
  • Resume

    If a programmer, would like to see and review code you've written. This goes both ways, here is my github profile

    Publically accessible resume. Accessible without having to login. Shortened url preferred


    Promote employers by recommending them to other foreign people in Japan. Should be Japan based companies you or a close friend has worked for