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You CAN influence whether you get accepted

95%+ won't follow this advice. Be the <5% who does.


Join the Job Mailing List. This puts you on level playing field with everyone else. The mailing list takes time to send out. Literlly hours. If we only need a small number of people (~10-20), might not send out to the entire list.

Large web email providers love putting important email into the trash or spam folders. This kills your chances of getting the job announcements. So go into your web email settings and add faulkmore ( at } fetitch.com as a contact. List of web email providers that trash important emails: Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL. This is why we ask for mobile phone email address. So special thanks to softbank, kddi, and docomo for reliably deliverying ALL email.


Relationships are nurtured. People regularly talk to are on my mind. Go out of the way to call them when they qualify for work. Although can't influence the decision process, getting the heads up makes sure they get a spot on the applicant list.

Often call when client is looking for specific type of person. So make sure to provide your mobile phone number


Sites that consistantly bring in traffic. We post to these sites while or before sending out email announcements.


If you are active on social media then this is #1 way to influence whether you get accepted. Get connected! Add us on social media and short list us. Cat photos are nice, but we make you money! Keep this in mind when you are prioritizing which posts appear in your newsfeed / wall.

In order of importance


We've had help. On social media, we really need the help. Socially awkward. Clueless how to be effect using social media. These people really came to the rescue!