Job mailing list
  • Product testing
    Marketing research. Is viable in foreign markets?
  • Web survey
    Pay is small, but needs lots of participants
  • Clinical trials
    Phase I test drugs on healthy patients
  • Group interviews
    Give opinions on product viability
  • Cosmetics home testing
    Popular with stay at home mothers
  • Paid tourism
    Occurs in (Kansai region) Osaka Kobe Kyoto
  • Short term work
    Temporary staff

Fetitch Jobs -- Product testing work

For foreign people living in Japan, easy & fun product testing, web survey, modeling, and group interview work.

When paid product testing research gigs fall in our lap, the race is on to not only gather friends, but make sure as many friends as possible get to earn some well deserved yen.

Clients often come back wanting more participants!

"Active" means has not taken place yet. Client often asks for several batches of participants. A cutoff date only applies to a particular batch. Will no longer use the misleading term "Deadline". Too misleading.

Active jobs specifically for foreign people: f/t and p/t

Active Web surveys

Active surveys: Product testing, Modeling, group interview...

Past Gigs

"Past" means has already occurred and most likely there no more requests for more participants. Eventhough the 1st batch of participants has been given to a client doesn't mean the client won't ask for more batches.

Been tricked so many times! Clients often come back asking for more participants. 2nd & 3rd batches are not uncommon.


Work with promoters both for the gigs. The promoters help to gather people when there is a new gig. And more importantly, they get paid for their efforts. Of course!! The amount the promoters have been paid is not shown.

The acceptence rate that i've been told is 80%. Which is very good. Meaning most people are accepted. Are we gonna take their word for it? Cough No! So the Latest and Past gig lists track the accepted vs. gathered ratio. From this we can surmise the actual acceptence rate.

When gigs occurs and when payment is made is also not shown in the listing. Look at the gig details if you're curious. See the dates is not what gets me hot. It's how much money has been spread around to both promoters and friends.

Are the survey's painful?

As the Japanese population goes down the only way to keep their current standard of living is either to increase productivity (fat chance) or increase population. The only way the population is gonna increase is through immigration. So Japanese gov't is really curious about the behavior of foreigners living in Japan. So expect lots of paid research on mostly silly things.

The surveys are usually two hours long and conducted within the Tokyo area. Nice and secure within the Yamanote line. Which i refer to as the foreigners safety zone. Anything outside best your going to get is convini food. Yuk!

Affiliate / Reseller

Ongoing affiliate / reseller programs. Promote product / services, earn commission on sales

Farmer or Hunter Jobs in Japan forum

Near the end of March 2015, without a means of appeal, Facebook shut down Job in Japan community. A 10,000 strong group! Gone. And then threatened to delete my fb account (FB Admins listen up. Evidently fb loves spammers who post product ads and porn. Lesson to learn, don't delete the porn video posts). Gee thx! also said No. We get the hint. So we started our own private "jobs in Japan" forum
Are you a hunter or a farmer? Forum logo
Who should join? Job seekers, community admins, Japanese coordinators, and employers IN JAPAN are invited. How? Join BOTH doorkeeper group AND Farmer or hunter private forum. Will need to wait for us to approve you request

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