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Shinseido, "Gimme me some skin" ;-)

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Gotta love "Tape will be applied to the uppermost layer of skin on the face and inside upper arm to collect samples" So can't say, "no skin off my hide" ;-) So now we know, there's a market for foreign human grime and positions for human grime collectors. Wonder what they' write on a dating profile? "Works at Shiseido helping women be more beautiful" Ladies if you hear

About this survey

Skin measurement and taking grime sample using tape

About the job

Digital age woman
Wearing pixel fashion


Conditions (before the test date)

Ineligibile if...


Near Higashi-Yamata Station. Kanagawa-ken


Job posted 2016-09-12

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form 2016 Sep 15th Thu noon

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Everyday ordinary conversational Japanese ability is necessary, so Shiseido employees can explain their life history leading up to becoming a grime sample collector and their discrimination against cigarette covered grime. Jokes aside the Japanese will probably amount to, "Will now apply tape to your face. OK done. Will now apply tape to your inside arm. OK done" Maybe some questions about typical cosmetics and smoking habits