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"Say aaaahhhh" medical jelly

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Up until around a teenager i'd never learned to swallow pills. Something wasn't clicking inside my head. Very stressful situation. Swallowing pills didn't come naturally. Chef Boy R Dee Raviolli to the rescue!. For the longest time put the pills in Raviolli. The Raviolli are coated with wonderful tasting spaghetti sauce. Yum! So although the pills were much much smaller, shallowing Raviolli whole was a breeze. The employees of this famous Japanese pharmaceutical company had crap parents and horrible childhoods cuz they never heard of raviolli. With that out of the way, they came up with a tasty jelly to pop the pills into to make swallowing easy. Don't doubt the effectiveness. Doubt the taste. Msg me on ur reactions to the taste

Bonus! Wear a shirt to the interview that says "Fetitch Jobs -- レモン味が大嫌いです", or the equivalent in English (Fetitch Jobs -- Fck Lemon flavor), and sends us the photo. Pay, by bank transfer, extra 5,000 yen. When sending photos please include Japanese bank account info. Photos will be put on Fetitch Jobs and shared

Air tight seal around the water bottle the whole time

PAYMENT DATE / CONDITIONS (Screening visit):

  1. Pays

    10,000 yen

  2. Payment method


  3. Payment date

    After the interview




Near Akasaka station


If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form by 2015 Aug 9th Sun noon

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Please write in "Introduce by" the name of the person who introduced you. if you don't know, write where you saw the advertisement. If on facebook write facebook and the community's name


Client will review all applicants. So the number of participants required should be taken with a grain of salt. Shallowing a suppliment of your choosing in a flavored jelly then gripe about the limited flavors at an interview, sounds like a very easy survey.