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Finding good employment in Japan. There must be some secret. Is it using job websites. Getting introduced by a drinking buddy? Or just dumb luck; jumping onto oppurtunities as they present themselves? Japan desperately needs foreign workers, but does employers do a good job of finding enough employees?

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Web survey on finding employment in Japan

About the job

better to have work
than to be out of work


Category 1: Student

Category 2: Worker


N/A Web surveys can be done from anywhere


Job posted 2016-09-04

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form 2016 Sep 7th Wed noon

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Please write in "Introduce by" the name of the person who introduced you. if you don't know, write which site and group where you saw the advertisement


1000 people is alot of people. Don't expect to reach that goal. Curious to see which you prefer: amazon or starbucks. Place your bets this is gonna be interesting