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Translator in Nagoya based localization company

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F/T translator job in the IT industry. Nagoya the work horse of Japan, home of Toyota. Good place to live and work. Japanese requirement is daily conversational, which is quite low considering this is a translation job

Nagoya exports more than just cars


  1. Language level

    Daily conversational Japanese only

  2. Sought after languages

    English, French, Spanish, German, or Taiwanese

  3. PC skills

    Fundamental knowledge



Near Nagoya Aichi prefecture


Job posted 2016-06-10

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Japan is forever behind in software. There is an industry which targets established software and offers to localize the software for distributor rights. Whether or not they will sell a single license is usually a complete unknown, but lets assume occassionally a foreign company may get lucky and find a good partner. The reverse must also be true. Japanese software that needs to be localized for sales overseas