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Programmers are very much back in demand. Feel bad for computer illiterate folk, the job market is not kind to them. Everyone and their mother needs web app developers that know what they are doing

Pays well and is in a central location. Japanese language ability is not required; skill is what counts. This is a great company to work for

About the project

Combining Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Tinder and Squarespace into one elegant but powerful app. It's out in alpha and we are growing the user base and working on the next release

About the team

Company is intentionally self-funded. A multicultural office where everyone can be passionate about both work and life. Our ages range from the early 20s to the early 30s. Pproject team consists of a few programmers, a graphic designer/animator and a video/audio editor. Each team member is mid-career with a proven track record at large corporations. Quite skilled and capable. We expect you to be of similar caliber or better

About the job

Responsive design
a must have


  1. Language level

    Not a requirement

  2. Required front end skills

    javascript, css3, and html5

  3. Required backend skills

    php and mysql

  4. Nice to have skills

    postgress DB, phonegap js api, git, aws



Honmachi exit 23. Easy access from Yotsubashi, Chuo, and Midosuji lines


Job posted 2016-06-24

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Work with young yet experienced team members. Honmachi is in the center of Osaka. Very close to both Namba and Umeda. Happy to work with a client who does not insist on a Japanese language skill requirement. G'd bless them