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Fetitch Jobs champions foreign people in Japan. Fighting strict unrealistic requirements. Have a confession. Am a programmer myself and can't seem to pass an interview in Japan. Completely gave up. Who likewise has also given up? The rage against strict requirements turned into the passion behind Fetitch Jobs. All the recruiters have ever met turned out to be spineless cowards. No one stood up to clients and said "no". No to requirements like: advanced Japanese skill, experience in too many technologies, and long years of experience. Fetitch Jobs doesn't want those jobs. Finally have broke through and will be getting jobs that foreign people can easily qualify for. Now lets employee as many foreign people as possible

They can't keep their hands off


  1. Language level

    Conversational Japanese only

  2. Required skills

    Objective-C at least 1 year experience

  3. Nice to have skills

    Java, Javascript, JQuery



Near Shinagawa station


Job posted 2016-01-20

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This is one client. The visa issue is the biggest obstacle. The conversational Japanese skill is basically enough to hit on Japanese girls. Is this asking too much? Hope to never turn away skilled programmers who are willing to work. Recommend applying anyways and just admitting the Japanese level is the limiting factor. Then can find other clients who don't care about Japanese skill at all. So plz don't become discouraged