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This job has a few firsts. First TV station work. First artistic oriented f/t job. Is making video graphics for a TV station fashionable or popular work. Imagine so. TV stations provide quite stable employment. They need "many" people. And they accept foreign people. The wage is also quite nice. Been told candidates who speak good enough Japanese, it's a guaranteed 40 man yen / month. Not taking into account experience, age, and skill level

Japan TV visualizing and explaining away an imaginary glowing projectile


  1. Language level

    Conversational Japanese only

  2. Required skills

    Studio Max 3D, Adobe after affects



Near Shinmachi Tokyo


Job posted 2016-01-31

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Japanese mothers line up to get their children on TV. Japanese girls line up to get their moment of fame on TV. Is working in a TV station as glamorous? Aren't the CG models to visualize situations awesome. For those too dumb to understand the written text or spoken words, CG models drive really drive home the point