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Bilingual video junkies

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  1. Amount

    10,000 yen (includes transportion fees)

  2. Bonus

    +2,000 yen participate in ~1hr hearing

  3. Conditions

    In cash; same day


Long time since a survey for bilingual foreign people
  1. Group interview

    Discuss video consumption and sharing

  2. Invited to participate

    Select few will be invited to participate in a "hearing" afterwards


  1. Citizenship

    USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

  2. Age range

    18-29yo Male or female

  3. Japanese ability

    Can speak both Japanese and English

  4. Japanese ability

    Can speak about familiar topic comfortably in Japanese

  5. Incarceration duration

    Been in Japan 5 years or less

  6. Smart phone

    Have one. No garakei (feature phone users)

  7. Video junkie

    Watch >=1 web video / week

  8. Video distribution

    Distribute a particular genre video to newsgroup or mailing list

  9. The hearing

    Willing to participate in ~1hr discussion. Not all participants will be selected

Smartphone users often watch and share videos. Paid research in Japan on video sharing
Do you watch and share video content often? Paid research in Japan on video sharing

[Dates & Times]

120 minute session on either:


Kudanshita station (Tokyo metro)
Instruction sent to selected.


If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form by 2014 Mar 3rd Mon noon

To register your interest in participating, fill out this short questionaire. Apply

Please write in "Introduce by" the name of the person who introduced you. if you don't know, write where you saw the advertisement.


The goal is to gather 24 foreign people. 10 Students, 14 company workers. The age range is quite narrow. My guess is the frequent participants are in their 30s and 40s, so expect most that qualify to find a spot