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Baby products group interview

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Fetitch Jobs loves surveys suitable for foreign mothers. Typically the citizenships that can participate are quite limited: Europe, US, Canada, Australia, and not much else. This group interview survey is completely different. Targetting Central and South America and the Middle East. Good for the Japanese for moving away from concentrating on the US and Europe

About this survey

Gather opinions about baby product packaging design

About the job

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Near Kamiyacho


Job posted 2016-08-25

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form 2016 Aug 29th Mon noon

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Whether your pregnant or not is not a concern this time. Will not be ingesting, wearing, applying, or tattooing the baby package designs. We are talking about cardboard. Literally getting paid to talk about what will eventually be used as shipping, moving, or fire starting materials. So an opinion that will not be heard is, less ink is better so BBQ'ed food does not develop a strange taste