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In a workshop to promote "cultural understanding", Japanese malnourish wheat eating hairy barbarians by subjecting them to what Japanese have to endure on a daily basis, over cooked short grain rice with furikake

General teachers union responded, not only does foreign workers in Japan have to endure working in Japanese companies who can't be bothered to obey Japan laws, but now this. Workers deserve better nutrition if they are to be expected to perform their work duties

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Workshop on eating rice, spread shameless selfies on SNS

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Shinjuku, near Kagurazaka


Job posted 2017-01-18

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form 2017 Jan 22th Sun noon

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Although there are many many jokes in this work description, this work is very very real. Getting paid to eat and being coersed into sharing food selfies. Welcome to Japan! We are here to make you do the funniest things