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Drug testing; only two capsules daily

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The drug for this trial has been developed to treat ulcerative colitis. It will be administered twice daily in capsule form. After taking the medication, will be performing blood tests and other checks to investigate how the drug is being absorbed and distributed

drugs to be given twice daily. Lots of rest and relaxation
Blue pill is noticably absent. Pills twice, blood check, and couple of other tests daily

PAYMENT DATE / CONDITIONS (Screening visit):

  1. Pays (at screening session)

    3,000 yen

  2. Pays (at end of clinical stay)

    30,000 yen

  3. Pays (at follow-up visit)

    30,000 yen

  4. Pays (two weeks after follow up visit)

    220,000 yen

  5. Payment method

    Remaining amount sent by bank transfer



These are just the major requirements. There may be other requirements or conditions not listed here that could cause you to be ineligible for this particular trial


Near Kuramae station. Accessible via the Asakusa and Oedo lines


If you are interested in being considered for this work, please fill in the questions form by 2015 Feb 28th Sat evening

To register your interest in participating, fill out this short questionaire. Apply

Please write in "Introduce by" the name of the person who introduced you. if you don't know, write where you saw the advertisement.


Clinical trials typically require much more time and thus pay much more money than typical product testing work. This established industry is constantly researching new drugs & vaccines. Each trial typically has 2-6 groups staggered by a few weeks. 100-200 participants needed per trial.